Tom Palmaerts is a trendwatcher and partner at Trendwolves, a trend agency with a focus on young consumers. He is a worldwide keynote speaker and trend consultant.


In 11 years, we will live in the year 2030. We can't predict the future, but by framing little thrills in big evolutions and trends we can predict possible futures. We will look at the societal phenomena that will be important in 2030. Once we see a future, it becomes important to think about the road to get there. The speed of change is uncertain and scary for a big group in our society. It's important for governments and companies to also get them on board. Despite breakthrough technologies, we still need humans to get it all done.

To get more people ready for 2030, the future needs to be more clear and tangible. Where is innovation coming from? Who are the consumers? What find consumers important? How will we collaborate with robots? And what will we eat? It's an exercise in future thinking while keeping an eye on 2019. Together we will taste the future.

Our multicultural society will only become more diverse. In 2030, 1/3 of all the youngsters between the ages of 15 and 29 will be Muslim. A lot is changing inside the Muslim community. Strong Muslim women stand at the forefront of this revolution. They are the changemakers and use different social media to raise their voice. By showing Muslims as a very heterogeneous group, Muslimahs want to break down the stereotype. In the midst of it all, they find a balance between innovation and faith. In 2018 Torfs launched the pop-up ‘Blend It' Sarah Dimani, but only a few other brands truly understand how to target this demographic. It's time to act.

Modern Muslims